3 Android Flagships and How To Get The Most out of them

  1. Samsung Galaxy S8

Pros: The infinity display is absolutely stunning and the s8 looks like no other smartphone on the market we also love the power at our fingertips and the strong camera.

Cons: The only issues with the s8 are some flaky biometrics – they’re great when they work, but it’s not every time we’d have liked a slightly bigger battery too.

What we think: The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the best phone you can buy right now, packed with power and features, wrapped up in a stunning design. you have to pay for the privilege, but you won’t be let down.

  1. Huawei P10

Pros: Compact design for one-handed use; clever dual cameras; the cheapest phone here.

Cons: Small Screen is only full HD, battery life should be better than it is.

What we think: A solid flagship for those looking for a compact offering.

  1. LG G6

Pros: wide angle second camera is useful; premium metal build is striking.

Cons: lacks a real standout feature to get excited about.

What we think: A big-screened flagship with enough power and a decent enough spec sheets but you can do better.

6 Apps to Download to Get The Most From Your Flagship


$free iOS, Android

You’ll take excellent photos with our three flagships, but you can make them even better. Snapseed gives you a huge array of features to tweak and filter your shots, producing jaw-dropping results.

Layout From Instagram: Collage

$free iOS, Android

Layout gives you a quick and easy way to create collages with your photos, enabling you to put some of your favourite snaps into one images – perfect for sharing on the likes of Instagram and Twitter.


$free iOS, Android

Take an adventure to outer space, dive to the depths of the ocean, or visit a wonder of the world – all from the luxury of your living room. Google’s Cardboard app offers up a range of well-appointed virtual reality experiences which look great on the high-definition displays of our phones.


$free iOS, Android

We love music, and Spotify is one of our favourite apps to enjoy it. The streaming service gives you instant access to millions of songs, all stored in the cloud, which gives you more space on your new smartphone for apps, games, movies and photos.

Real Racing 3

$free iOS, Android

If you really want to put the power in these flagships to the test, download Real Racing 3. Be warned, it’ll take up a chunk of storage, but luckily our phones have plenty of space, and you won’t be disappointed with the smooth gameplay and eye- popping graphics.


$free iOS, Android

Make the most of the stunning display on your flagship phone with Netflix’s vast catalogue of movies and TV shows. Movies look even better on the Galaxy S8 and LG G6, as their tight 18:9 aspect ratios are perfect for the letterbox format.