9 Reasons to Upgrade to iOS 10

why we should upgrade to ios 10

Message become a lot more fun

First off, Apple now lets you hand-write messages and draw pictures using the Digital Touch features that were previously confined to watchOS. They’re even animated when they’re sent and received. There’s also the option to make typed messages more interesting with message bubble animations that make your messages pop and slam onto the screen. Apple has also made it easier for developers to integrate apps for things, like stickers, into the Messages app itself. It’s all a step towards making the app more interesting than a simple communication tool and appealing to the Snapchat generation.

apple-messageMaking music useful

Apple Music was launched to much fanfare and plenty of criticism, especially concerning its design. iOS 10 attempts to address that criticism with a bold (literally, the headings are huge) look to clear things up.


It’s only been a year since New was released with iOS 9, but it’s already been given a notable facelift. Along with a new design, recommended stories and breaking news notifications have now been added.

notificationSiri helps you type

According to Apple, ‘Siri intelligence’ now lives within your keyboard, suggesting relevant contact details and other information to type in your conversations. It’s all based on context, so it’s certainly intelligent, if a little bit on the creepy side.

sir-hepls-you-typeDeal with spam caller

The iPhone app in iOS 10 will now try and gauge if an incoming call is spam. No system can guarantee to catch every call, but with mobile spam increasingly commonplace, this is really useful new feature.

spam-callerSlim down your home screen

Apple has gradually added a suite of questionably useful apps over the years and they only seem to collect virtual dust. In iOS 10, you can delete them. Well, sort-of. The icon goes, but the app’s inner workings still remain on your device. You can get that icon back by searching for it in the App Store, if you really want. It’s not a perfect solution, but for now we’ll take any opportunity we can get to eliminate the Stocks app.

slim-down-home-screenMaps gets yet more love

Apple has been playing catchup with its Maps app ever since it launched back with iOS 6. Now it has ironed out most of the issues, the iOS 10 update gives it some serious smarts. Opening up the app and swiping from the bottom will show you routes and destinations based on your behaviour and upcoming calendar events. Discovery of new places has been given an update too. Now you can quickly tap through categories while Maps does the searching. The app will also reroute you if there’s heavy traffic ahead and allow you to search for stops and naps.

mapsNotes are to be Shared

Notes was recently updated to make it much more flexible, but the addition of collaboration means that you will be able to work on the same time as others, such as sharing a shopping list with family members.

notesAuthenticate your Payment

Apple Pay’s reach is about to grow thanks to Safari integration. You will be able to make a purchase on a Mac and use your iPhone’s TouchID finger scanner to authenticate the payment instantly oh thats cool.