Apple iPhone 8 And 8 Plus & iPhone X A 1000$ Phone All You Need To Know

Summary of The Event

So finally the wait is over at the Apple’s new spaceship campus in the new Steve Jobs theatre. Apple unveil a couple of things so couple of smaller announcements before the big one which was first of all the new Apple TV which now supports 4k and HDR we also got to see the new Apple watch Series 3 which now has a cellular connection and can make and take phone calls but people were there to see is the new iPhone and we got two new iPhones iPhone 8 and 8 plus and we got iPhone 10 (iPhone X).

Difference between iPhone 8/8+ and iPhone 7/7+?

iPhone 8 an 8 plus are a spec bump to the current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus so nearly identical design but it now has the glass back to support Qi wireless charging which is awesome to see it has a two tone display but the same sizes and resolutions and a new a 11 Bionic chip inside and some slightly updated 12 megapixel cameras and it comes in a new rose gold color which i think is more of like a copper or a faded like sandblasted kind of look so bottom line this is definitely an improvement it’s an upgrade over what we currently have but even though this is called iPhone 8 this is definitely more iPhone 7s let’s not get it twisted.

iPhone X


iPhone 10 like we expected has the larger 5.8 inch OLED display but in a smaller body and thanks to the tiny bezels now the display is really close to the edges of the corners of the phone. While seeing the device the question that comes into my mind was that how does apple mange the sides of the top of the display while there is an earpiece, camera and a bunch of sensors in the middle well now we have our answer you get your time on the left side of it and your signal and battery on the right side and then basically depending on what app you’re in the clock and the signal and battery will turn black or white to contrast with the background so if you’re in a dark app they turn white if you’re in a white app like Apple music or something they turn black. Watching a video sometimes you can ignore that top bar and just show a rectangular aspect ratio but I guess the goal here is definitely to be immersive so the whole point of the display filling up the whole front of the phone is that you can fill it any time possible so developers will be on that pretty quickly

Home Button Disappears

Then the other big question was there’s no home button so how do you go home well the answer is it’s a gesture now so to go home on the iPhone X it’s no longer button you swipe up from the bottom of the phone so basically any time you see that bar at the bottom that represents the home swipe and you swipe up to go home and to get to the multitasking panel you swipe halfway up so you got to remember the difference between those two and then there are three different swipe down gestures on this phone swipe down from the middle for notifications swipe down from the right corner for a control center and swipe down in the middle of the home screen for search so basically all these operations you know interacting with the phone that are now done on the screen they’re all gestures to make that possible you can even wake the display by just touching it once.

Face ID

Apple has replaced touch ID and fingerprints with face ID. It uses a new selfie camera setup in the iPhone 10 called the “TrueDepth camera system.” TrueDepth uses a set of sensors, cameras, and a dot projector to create an incredibly detailed 3D map of your face. Face ID starts with an image of your face, but builds on top of it with the TrueDepth’s dot projector, which will invisibly project over 30,000 dots onto your face each time you look at your phone, creating and building on its map of your features.

Front Camera

The front-facing camera will also work great with this new feature in iOS called an emojis which is literally animated emojis it’s like seven or eight emojis with faces. Now on iMessage you can send short videos with your voice coming from an emoji.

Rear Camera

The vertical camera orientation is new now the iPhone 10 is rocking to those two slightly updated 12 megapixel cameras again and this time they’re both optically stabilized so the telephoto lens should do a bit better in low-light. Apple is really trying to give some more customization options in their portrait modes I think that’s probably triggered by what Samsung just did with the note 8 so now when you open the portrait mode on the iPhone you will get these extra modes that will try to adjust the look of the lighting so you can go from natural light to studio light to contour light to even stage light.