A Chair-Less Chair By NooNee A Switzerland Based Company


Noonee is a Switzerland based start-up company. This company has created a low cost leg Exoskeleton that allows you to sit anywhere. It is named as Chair-less Chair. This device offers a wearable alternative for work areas where chairs or stools would take up too much floor space. According to the makers of this device, the Chair-less Chair offers better posture than a conventional chair by keeping the back straight. Freedom of movement of the user is not reduced by this device. The users can walk, run, and climb stairs while wearing this device. Although the focus is on production lines, the device has many other potential applications in our daily life.

Some Scenarios without Chair-less Chair

  1. Imagine having to stand all day with no means of sitting available. That is what millions of factory employee face every day being exposed to the risk of suffering from muscle related diseases and pain.
  2. Imagine working on an assembly line all day without sitting increases your fatigue and forces you into unhealthy postures. By the time you get a break without knowing it your muscles and joints are already suffering your concentration drops, increasing the risk for accidents and injuries to yourself and your fellow employees, as an employer you face heavy costs, and as an employee your health is at risk.

Benefits with Chair-less Chair

But this scenario will be history soon. Companies can now increase the quality of life for the employees by using Noonee’s Patent pending technology. The first low-cost leg exoskeleton to revolutionise working comfort for industries worldwide The Chair-less chair carries your body weight thereby relieving the stress on your leg muscles and joints when you needed. It is not heavy you wear it, you walk with it, you move into the desired pose, activate it and benefit from the provided support. With comfortable working conditions comes healthy and motivated employees companies will benefit by helping healthy employees avoid risks of muscle related diseases and injuries within the workplace and most of all supporting injured employees back to work faster.

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