What about feeling the virtual world-Haptic Skinsuit

We have been watching tons of devices on virtual reality like oculus rift, Samsung gear VR, HTC VIVIE, Google card board and many more like wise. what if with the combination of these VR headset we use this Haptic skinsuit. Virtual reality headset and the suit it will be a killer combination imagine you are playing zombies game and you are continuously shooting a zombies at your front and after some time you feel that there is a zombie behind you and boom what a feel man.


Designers from London’s Royal College of Art have created a skinsuit which allows the user to go from the physical to the virtual world by ‘feeling’ invisible objects.

SO question how we an feel things by wearing a suit?

For now they have made a prototypes actually there are small magnets embedded in the suit when exposed to different sounds they create a varying electromagnetic field which in turn make the small magnets to move ups and down on the skin for example a recorded sound such as knocking on words can be played on too skin by the actuators so the idea of moving magnets that are touching the skin.

For more information watch the video below