Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Has Alot More To Offer Than Apple Watch

Fitbit’s newest fitness tracker is also a Smartwatch and the fitbit ionic could maybe give the Apple watch a run for its feature set it’s a clear attempt to compete at the top with a lot of features it looks like last year’s blaze but it’s sleeker.


  • It also adds a lot of good function like 50 meter swim water resistance
  • Contactless payments which work a bit like Apple pay or Android pay.
  • onboard your own music library needs to be transferred via computer but there’s also support for Pandora’s premium service on watch for offline playlists when you run music playback happens over Bluetooth.
  • Fitbit even has its own set of fitness headphones the flyer that promised faster Auto pairing between the ionic watch and a phone
  • The design looks sharp it’s got a brighter thousand nits display and the all metal body and swappable bands ranging from perforated sport ones to leather designs
  • Fitbit promises four-day battery life for everyday use including a daily run

What is inside the watch?(software)

The ionic also has apps much like pebble the company that Fitbit acquired there’s going to be a future watch face and app store promising all sorts of ideas including games down the road. There are only four baked in apps Starbucks Strava Pandora and Accu Weather the ionic also got a timers a stopwatch baked in workout.

Heart rate sensor

Fitbit also claims the heart rate tracking technology on the ionic can track other conditions including sleep although that won’t be available right now the ionic promises to be the most complete fitness watch. some of the other great things about the design is that underneath it has this heartrate monitor and instead of having kind of any indentations or embossment around the heartrate monitor that a lot of other devices do it’s completely flat so it’ll lay completely flat against your wrist and that should allow it to get an even better more accurate heartrate reading.

Fitbit coach

The second thing is Fitbit coach so this is the rebranding of fit star fit star was used on the blaze as they guided workout app and it had we’ll work out so you could do that it would guide you through using the blazes display and carrying you through about 15 to 20 minute workout so what Fitbit did is that they’re kind of rebranding that they recalling it Fitbit coach now and that’s gonna be guided workouts directly on your wrist like with fitstar not all of these workouts are gonna be free but you will have some that are free and then you can pay a monthly fee to get access to even more but one of the best things about Fitbit coach is something called dynamic workout this is something I found really interesting is that you can choose to do a dynamic workout and then the watch will guide you through a certain type of a workout and then at the end it’ll ask you if it was too easy too hard or just right for you and you can tell it directly on the display what you thought about it and if it was too easy or too hard it will adjust and automatically give you a better workout to do for your fitness level and the same thing is if you were to say that it was a good workout for you it’ll give you more workouts like the one you just did.