HTC U11 A New Flagship Entry by HTC

HTC has spent the last couple of months reinventing its approach to design the company sort of hinted to the U Ultra being just a stepping stone into a broader result for 2017 and today we are going to have a closer look at the HTC U 11 remember the time when HTC launched the One Max to complement the One m7 well don’t think of the U 11 as a complement to U Ultra as the U 11 is really the company’s flagship for 2017.


The company’s new liquid design mentality which consists of 3d form glass a very complex process that came as a result of a collaboration with corning the result is a set of curves on the glass that allow them to blend with the aluminium almost seamlessly at a glance and in the hand you can’t really tell where the glass ends and the aluminium trim begins the effect is striking and the feel is even better the colour is more result of a vaporize deposition process to achieve a very reflective effect which is apparently not camera friendly a more of a fan of this amazing silver option you can also get the phone in sapphire blue ice white and brilliant black.


The U11 has also been fitted with all the bells and whistles that it needs to compete with other flagships so in specs we got a snapdragon 835 processor met with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of expandable storage. It is also rated as an IP 67 device which means it is water and dust resistance something we’ve been waiting to see from HTC for a while we have a standard 16x 9 and a display of 5.5 inch Super LCD 5 capable of quad HD resolution the same punchy color that we praised from the new ultra below the display we also have the standard fingerprint home button and capacitive keys meaning those 5.5 inches on the panel are all for content consumption. This flagship does not have a 3.7mm headphone jack for this you need a headphone adapter­ somehow this is sad but the u11 brings the same for you sonic microphones that we praised from the new ultra this allows HTC to provide active noise cancellation to the bundled use sonic headphones. We also have HTC’s boom sound HiFi stereo speakers for everything.


The camera offers some very interesting changes that we cannot wait to test this is an HTC ultra pixel 3 sensor that’s now nearly flushed to the chassis to achieve this the ultra pixels are now of 1.4 microns and the company also upgraded the aperture to F 1.7.


HTC Sense on top of Android 7.1.1 where we maintain that same mentality of applications not being duplicated visually it mimics a lot of what we saw with the new ultra but with the boost of version 7.1.1 which should mean we should have better battery life.

So what’s with the squeezing?

As we are seeing all over on the YouTube well that’s because there are pressure sensors hidden under the aluminium trim which enabled two extra buttons that are programmable squeeze lightly to trigger one squeeze harder to trigger the other you can actually control the pressure sensitivity of these the trick is really cool.