JUST SING Ready For The Battle of Singing

Xbox and PlayStation Are now ready to make you a singing sensation star. Ubisoft is increasing its music gaming collection with the new Arrival title just Sing debuting this year.Just Sing features over 40 songs for players to either sing or lip sync along to, creating music videos or battling with friends for high score in the process. The game will feature two main modes

Party mode

In this mode there are four players who create a music video together

Battle mode

In this mode you compete with each other means 1 on 1.

So how the Game works actually there is an app for that which turns your Smartphone into a mic and a camera to create music videos on Just Sing.


just-sing-appHere is how you can get started with the game
1.Download the Just Sing Companion App to your Smartphone
2.Turn on the game on your console
3.Connect your Smartphone to the same local network as your console
4.You are ready to play!

With the Just Sing Companion App you can
1.Record your voice & score
2.Create your own music videos
3.Change filters in one touch, as many times as you want, during your performance
4.Browse your song catalogue

so save or share your videos to keep track of the fun. for more information visit ubisoft.[wpdevart_youtube]7y0Jo2JrOhY[/wpdevart_youtube]