LG V30 Smartphone All You Need To Know


It’s simply but gorgeous the bezels are barely there so the massive 6 inch AMOLED Display feels reasonably easy to handle the corners of the screen are rounded. The LG V30 instead promises to be quite durable as it comes with the same in military standard durability rating and waterproofing.


The cameras is now an optically stabiliser 16 megapixel unit with a pretty F 1.6 aperture while the wide angle stays at 13 megapixels but now comes with a much wider F 1.9 aperture. The V 30 took noticeably better photos than LG G6 one obvious difference is that the wide-angle shots aren’t nearly as distorted as they we’re on the G6 and pictures also generally seem to have more detail and better colours. The low light shots looked really crisp as well but things are looking very good also a nice improvement is that the high quality audio option and the wireless charging are now both standard on all models around the world.


The V30 features the latest Snapdragon 835 paired with a 4GB of RAM and either 64GB or 128GB internal storage. LG’s skin is built over Android 7.1.2 and it retains many typical Android features. There are a couple of additions to stretch apps to fit the long display and a better battery saver mode, but most of LG’s work has resulted in altering the icons, native apps and the notification panel.


There’s a 3300 mAh battery to keep the LG V30 going, which is the same size unit included in the smaller LG G6. It charges via USB-C and supports fast as well as wireless charging.