LG Wallpaper W7 TV And Some Features of it

LG’s Wallpaper W7 TV is one such something. This is a telly that’s just 2.57 mm thick, is bendable, and clings to your wall with magnets. It is astonishing. The W7 is the best-looking, most striking TV the world has ever seen. And crucially, it also improves on the picture quality of last year’s OLEDs, which means it’s utterly stunning in action. This is looking like a bumper year for brilliant TVs, and LG is no longer the only purveyor of OLED, but we’re yet to get those other tellies to test and right now it’s very hard to find fault in the W7’s incredible picture, especially watching or playing 4K HDR. That isn’t to say there aren’t caveats, the key one being that you can get the same picture quality for much less by buying one of LG’s other 2017 OLEDs. But if you did that you wouldn’t get a TV that looks like this


Just 2.57 mm that’s how thin the W7 TV is. A pound coin is thicker. Thanks to an extremely clever bracket, it still only sticks 4mm into your room when wall-mounted. We’d say it’s like having a picture frame on your wall, but a picture frame would be much thicker.


Design aside, the first thing that strikes you is how punchy the picture is. LG has increased the brightness of its OLEDs and you can really tell. The way theW7 combines absolute blacks with its new brighter whites and colours makes for a stunning image.

Automatic Selection of Content Mode

The TV will select what it thinks is the best picture mode for the content you’re sending its way. Play something in HDR and the TV will default to Cinema Home mode this raises the average brightness over normal Cinema mode, which can look dark in a bright room.

LG got game

Horizon Zero Dawn looks absolutely incredible on the W7. The sky boxes are utterly stunning, masterfully avoiding the washing out that you find with other sets. Add an input lag of 21ms when using Game Mode and you’ve got the ultimate gaming TV.

Solid Sound from Soundbar 

Audio from the separate sound bar is crisp and clear, with the sort of width and height that most TVs (and some other sound bars) just can’t match. It feels like the sound isn’t just coming from the speakers but from the entire wall.