One Plus 5 VS Samsung Galaxy S8 A Complete comparison

One Plus 5 VS Samsung Galaxy S8

One plus has always managed to deliver a flagship Android experience at a much lower price point than the competition but how does it compare to one of the best from Samsung. Even though the one plus 5 and the galaxy s8/s8 plus are separated by a good 100 to 200 dollars these phones are closer than you might think but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any compromises with a cheaper price tag of the one plus 5 there’s quite a few advantages that the S8 has over the one plus 5.

A Common and A Different Feature

The S8 has wireless charging expandable storage and is water and dust resistant but none of these are really make or break features it’s just a protection against water and dust. But nowadays this feature is becoming a standard feature and we just sort of expect phones to have it sort of like we expect phones to have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth speaking of Bluetooth both one plus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S8 come with Bluetooth 5.0 onboard which puts both of them ahead of other phones in this regard since there aren’t that many phones with Bluetooth 5.0 at the moment that’s one of the few things that these 2 phones have in common.


One of the biggest and most obvious differences is the way they look and feel one plus 5 features an all metal build that does bear some similarities to the iPhone with 3 shaped antenna lines and dual camera but it is a good looking design and comfortable to hold but the slightly curved back and rounded corners with the Galaxy S8 you have a mostly glass design that’s held together by a metal frame which is pretty typical of Samsung both the front and rear glass panels are curved for aesthetic reasons and for comfort but as good as the Galaxy S8 looks it doesn’t stay that way for long once you get your fingerprints all over it this isn’t a big problem on the one plus 5 but despite these two phones having some really nice designs they’re both pretty slippery in the hand.


The main attraction to the Galaxy S8 is hands down the display and that puts one plus 5 display out of the water don’t get me wrong the 1080p panel on the one plus 5 is a very good-looking screen in its own right but when comparing these two side by side the screen of the S8 is just infinitely better in every way the screen practically goes edge to edge and by getting rid of the Samsung logo and physical home button they were able to shrink down the bezels and stretch the screen vertically to give you more screen in a smaller body both the S8 and S8 plus offer larger screens

Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung had to relocate the fingerprint sensor to the back which is really the biggest downside to the s8 design rear facing fingerprint sensors are fine if they’re properly centred like a g6 or the pixel but Samsung chose to put it next to the camera eventually you do get used to it but it’s still not the most intuitive of locations and it’s honestly quite slow and inconsistent with unlocking the phone you do get other unlocking methods like the iris scanner and spatial recognition but even those are 100% reliable or completely secure the one  plus 5 fingerprint sensor is much more convenient and significantly faster and it’s one of the fastest fingerprint sensors up till now.

Processor and RAM

One Plus 5 come with the fastest processor available from Qualcomm right now with the Snapdragon 835 and the S8 comes with 4 GB of RAM while the one plus 5 comes with either 6 or 8 GB of RAM depending on the model both of these phones perform very well with your regular everyday tasks like launching apps playing games and browsing the web but the one plus 5 just feels much more fluid some of this has to do with the software and the faster animations but the extra RAM definitely feels like it makes a huge difference.


The one plus 5 has dual cameras with a 16 megapixel F 1.7 main sensor and a 20 megapixel F 2.6 secondary sensor the second sensor is a telephoto lens that allows for 2x lossless zoom not optical and the ability to emulate a blurry background or broken effect with its portrait mode Samsung on the other hand stuck with a more traditional camera setup it’s a single 12 megapixel sensor with F 1.7 aperture and has optical image stabilization which is available on either sensor of the one plus 5. The lack of optical image stabilization on the one plus 5 makes a big difference especially in low light in comparison to the s8 the one plus as photos are noticeably softer in detail less sharp noisier and tend to have very orange colour tones that don’t look very natural one plus.


The one plus 5 can hold a lot of apps in memory and this phone has been incredibly difficult to slow down and that’s a good thing the s8 does provide a fluid experience as well and the animations while they are longer do make the experience feel much more refined but I will admit the s8 does stutter from time to time throughout the day it’s not a deal-breaker but it is something you will notice after having the phone for a while Samsung software isn’t bad by for the most part it’s really enjoyable they’ve made a lot of improvements with a over the last couple of years and this year it’s been tidied up even more with the cleaner icons and a tone down color scheme Samsung has a bunch of software tricks of their own like the game launcher for managing all your games in one place the theme engine that lets you customize virtually every part of the OS and be super useful always on display that’s also highly customizable. The addition of Samsung’s AI assistant bixby only further adds to the redundancy especially when the phone already comes with Google Assistant Samsung even went as far as adding an additional hardware button to encourage the use of bixby but so far I don’t think it’s really paid off but maybe that will change when bixby voice gets out of beta and becomes available for everyone


The one plus 5 got a battery of 3300 milliamp hour battery , Samung Galaxy S8 got 3000 mAh and the S8 plus got a 3500 mAh. Both the phones have the capability of getting a full day but usually have a lot more left over on the one plus 5 this happens due to the display 1080p screen which makes a huge difference to the phone’s overall battery life I also prefer one plus as Dash charge over Samsung’s fast charging method Dash charging is just insanely quicker and it’s still one of the fastest charging methods available.