Samsung Unveiled Galaxy Note 8 The Big Screen Got Bigger

This is it the long waited Samsung Galaxy Note 8 it has been unveiled officially now and  it’s pretty much picking right up where the note 7 left off last year so there’s a couple main changes to note 8 that set it in place for this year new display and design up front new dual cameras around the back some updated s-pen features.


We got fast charging and wireless charging onboard for those who use it. It’s a big phone but the thin bezels make it feel like it fits in the same body size or same footprint that’s not really much bigger at all than last year’s phone.


Like the Samsung Galaxy S8 the Note 8 also got a Bixby button kind of saw that coming from a mile away but they’re doubling down on it and maybe you know Bixby’s improving getting software updates getting better. The fingerprint sensor is placed up on the top of the back of the phone. This phone has iris scanning and facial recognition and some other ways of securing your phone biometrically if you just can’t stand that back facing fingerprint sensor.

The S-Pen is also now improved since this is a note so anyone who uses this will definitely appreciate they’ve made improvements to all the stuff it works with screen off notes and actually the wheel that pops up when you first take out the S Pen I don’t know if you could do this with the last note but you can spin it around and even add whatever apps you want like another Quick Launch which is pretty cool.Now you can launch two apps at once in split-screen with a single touch so in apps edge you can create an app pair like say YouTube and the browser for example and touching it launches them both side by side. Now the S-pen and the phone both are water resistant.


Note 8 is now rocking two 12 megapixel cameras on the back one with a normal wide-angle lens and the other with a telephoto lens a 2 X optical zoom just like iPhone 7 plus does but the difference with these is they’re both optically stabilized so in theory it should work more often in low light than the iPhones in theory and Samsung’s tossed in a couple pretty cool features to work with the combo of cameras as you’d expect so they have a little 1 X + 2 X button now to switch between the lenses. New photo modes including one called Live Focus which is just like portrait mode at first on the iPhones so it moves to the 2x telephoto lens and blurs a background but then you can change the level of background blur live as the name implies and see exactly how much you want to blur before you take the picture so it’s definitely artificially adding blur and then once you take the picture you can go into the gallery but with these it also simultaneously captures a photo with the wide-angle lens and the telephoto lens at the same time and you can also now still adjust the level of added background blur after you’ve taken the photo which is pretty awesome.

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