Samung Galaxy Note 8 VS iPhone 7 Plus Full Comparison

We’re gonna be comparing on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 7 plus well it’s currently what’s available right now and we’ll redo this comparison when the new iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7s plus will be out.


Both of these are quite large devices but the note 8 is slightly taller it’s also slightly thicker but it’s slightly narrower compared it to the iPhone 7 plus and this is because of the new 18.5 x 9 aspect ratio that the note 8 has compared to 16 x 9 on the iPhone 7 plus.

The note 8 does have a much larger display 6.3 inches compared to 5.5 inches on the iPhone 7 plus and that is because of the infinity display that we have here on the note 8 which has minimal bezels but the iPhone 7s plus has got pretty nice bezels.

In display Note 8 is the winner


In design both of these are actually really premium you’ve got a metal unibody on the iPhone 7 plus on the note 8 you’ve got a metal frame with curved Gorilla Glass five panels on the front and back which are symmetrical both devices are also water and dust resistant you’ve got ip68 on the note 8 you’ve got ip67 on the iPhone 7 plus. Now design is obviously subjective I personally do prefer the note 8 a little bit more because of those curved sides which look great on also make the notate a little bit easier to hold compared to the iPhone 7 Plus.

In Design Note 8 is the winner.


Now internally both of these also have very powerful processes you’ve got the snapdragon 835 or the Exynos 88-90 5 depending on your region this is on the note 8. The iPhone 7 Plus you have apples A10 fusion shape you do however have more RAM on the note 8 which is 6 GB versus 3 GB on the iPhone 7 plus.

In Specification Note 8 is the winner.


The iPhone 7 plus comes with 32 128 or 256 you buy options at different prices the note 8 is gonna be coming with a base of 64 GB but you can’t expand that with the microSD card slot this is something you can’t do on the iPhone 7 Plus.

In Storage Note 8 is the winner.


The cameras is the thing were the comparison gets really interesting both have a dual camera set up on the iPhone 7 Plus you’ve got 12 megapixels on both you’ve got primary wide angle camera with an F 1.8 aperture an optical image stabilization and then there’s a secondary telephoto camera which has an F 2.8 aperture which gives you 2 times optical zoom now it looks like Samsung have taken a bit of inspiration from the iPhone and the note 8 has a similar setup 12 megapixels for both cameras but both do have optical image stabilization the primary camera is a wide-angle with an F 1.7 aperture and the secondary camera is telephoto with an F 2.4 aperture which is also going to give you 2 times optical zoom both also have a portrait mode which is going to blur the background it’s been working really well on the iPhone 7 plus but new feature on the note 8 is the ability to capture from both cameras at the same time this is something you can’t do on the iPhone 7 plus as yet both devices also support the video are up to 4k and for the front-facing camera is at the iPhone 7 plus has a 7 megapixel camera with an F 2.2 aperture. The note 8 you have an 8 megapixel front facing camera with an F 1.7 aperture as well as autofocus one advantage that you do get on the note 8 and it can also capture video at 1440p you can only do 1080p from the front-facing camera on the 7 plus.

In Camera Note 8 is the winner.

Software (Operating System)

The operating system is obviously we’ve got Android versus iOS here we’ve got Android version 7.1.1 with Samsung’s experience skin on top on the note 8 on the iPhone 7 plus it is currently 10.3.3 the iOS 11 update should be coming soon now this is gonna come down to your personal preference one of the advantages that you are got to be getting with iOS is updates which will be more quicker to you as compared to that on the note 8.

In Software iPhone 7 Plus is the winner.


Fingerprint Sensor

The additional features of both devices both of them do have a fingerprint scanner but in different positions so in iPhone 7 Plus you got it at the front but on the note 8 you got it at the back now out of these two iPhone 7 Plus is more convenient because it is at the front you do however have an iris scanner on the note 8 which you can use as an alternative this is something that’s not available on the iPhone 7 plus

In fingerprint sensor iPhone 7 Plus wins.

Headphone Jack

the node 8 has a USB type-c connector with a 3.5 mm headphone jack you no longer have a 3.5 mm headphone jack on the iphone you only have the lightning connector they do include a converter out of the box but it can be a little bit inconvenient.

In headphone jack Note 8 wins.


In the sound Department the iPhone 7 Plus does have is these stereo speakers you’ve only got a single bottom facing speaker on the North 8.

In Speaker iPhone 7 Plus wins.


The batteries the note 8 has is 3300 mAh battery on the 7 plus you have a 2900 mAh battery neither of these are removable now usage will vary from person to person and it’s going to depend on resolution is well because you are pushing out more pixels on the note 8 but an advantage that you do have in the note 8 is fast charging as well as fast wireless charging neither of these things are available on the iPhone 7 Plus.

3D touch

the iPhone 7 plus however does have 3d touch so this is where you can push down harder anywhere on the screen and that is gonna give you more options and things on the notes 8 you do have a pressure-sensitive home button but that is the only area which is pressure sensitive.

In this iPhone 7 Plus has a winning edge