All Things You Need To Know About The New iPad Pro 2017

The new iPad pro 2017 looks really similar to the previous one some minor improvements in here so here are the thing you need to know about the new ipad pro.


First of all you’ve seen an iPad before you’re already familiar with the way an iPad pro looks all-metal rectangular body pretty exceptionally well built so the display is 10.5 inches and we just have some thinner side bezels now which is really appreciable it’s also pretty solid but also very lightweight tablet to hold in the hand.


iPad pro has a new display so this screen is better in every way possible it’s brighter which is upto 600 nits max brightness and it has that anti-glare coating and everything so it’s more visible and bright environments now overall it can produce more vivid bright colors and still the same high resolution as before so 264 pixels per inch beyond 1440p resolution the new iPad display is now capable of a refresh rate up to 120 Hertz unlike every other app will display on every device ever which is going up to 60 Hertz so the native speed of everything that’s happening on the display is now 60 frames per second instead of 30 frames per second it’s literally twice as close to one-to-one movement with your finger or the stylus it’s awesome that the GPU keeps up with everything and pretty much never drops any frames it did make a really big difference in my iPad usage experience all the in-app experiences are faster all the between app experiences are faster


so what is new well number one is inside is a pretty big spec bump an iPad was already pretty powerful but now the new iPad pro is almost as powerful as a macbook pro thanks to the new A10x fusion chip which has a 12 core GPU and is very powerful and capable it also bumped up to 4GB of RAM and this new iPad pro crushes everything you throw at it and now also 64GB of storage is the baseline so that’s a pretty solid spec bump.


The battery is about the same apple claims 10 hours again I found that to be conservative but pretty accurate usually good for about two full days of youth off and more though because standby time is so good.


Technically the camera on the back got a big upgrade as well it’s now running the same 12 megapixel camera system as the new iPhone 7 which doesn’t mean I don’t endorse using it as your main camera or anything but it’s now super overkill in the quality department for some new features will support like document scanning where recognizes text and 3d surfaces and can scan documents into the Notes app. It’ll be an awesome for Face Time it can also take 4k videos with optical image stabilization like it’s an amazing camera it’s the best camera in a tablet


The speakers in this tablet still pretty good actually great because they’re the best speakers in any tablet also has the quad speakers this has them on all four sides so if you’re gaming or if you’re watching a video or listening to music the entire thing kind of vibrates as this echo chamber and if you put it on a table the table starts vibrating it’s loud it’s crisp it’s clear.