Top 6 Multiplayer Games for Android and iOS


$Free Android $2.99 iOS

Winged creatures flit about terrifying forests navigating all manner of deadly traps. In multiplayer, up to four people enter this battle for survival. You can explode yourself into a dozen clones, but that isn’t going to help if a single tiny opponent sneaks through the gauntlet from hell and you don’t.

King of Opera

$Free Android $2.99 iOS

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if sumo wrestling and opera were combined (and who hasn’t?), this provides a taste up to four tenors can scrap for the spotlight, bumping each other into oblivion when they can. A quick-play mode shakes things up with short rounds and random play styles.

Battle Golf

$Free iOS, Android

From the lakeside, two golfers chip balls towards holes on islands that periodically surface (sometimes on the heads of bewildered giant wildlife). It’s simple fun one button to set power and direction and if you’re feeling mischievous, you can bean your opponent.


$ iOS, Android

A sort of air hockey in space with exploding balls, Orbital has you fire orbs that bounce around a void and blow other orbs up, then expand into empty space when they stop. In two- player mode, this becomes a tense battle for supremacy over the tiny playfield, trying to avoid an orb returning over the line of doom above your gun.

Fruit Ninja

$Free iOS, Android

The main game’s riddled with digital blight in the form of IAPs, but Fruit Ninja’s two-player mode remains intact and entertaining. Your finger becomes a sword, swiping across the screen to hack innocent fruit to bits.

Mucho Party

$Free iOS, Android

This nutty mini-game selection (five for free 44 if you pay) has you duelling for glory in everything from tap-powered hurdles races to blasting massive asteroids with a tiny gun. And to cap things off, character heads are photos of whoever’s playing, gurning or grinning depending on how well things go for them.