Whats New In WatchOS 3


Apple says watchOS 3 will be ready for release in autumn, but the developer preview is out now. The big update is in the optimisation of your Watch, which will make it faster than ever. Apple wants to have your apps respond instantly, so they’ll now preload information in the background. Some apps will be seven times faster than on watch OS 2.


There’s a new dock section on the Watch that enables you to access your favourite apps even faster than before. It’ll include options such as battery, alarm and airplane mode, but you can switch these out for your own favourite apps. Just press the side button on the Watch for the dock to open.

sos-emergency-apple-watchEmergency SOS

Emergency SOS action when you’re in trouble. Hold down the side button when you’re in a dangerous situation, and it’ll ring the emergency services if your watch is connected to your phone or use the internet if you’re on WiFi. SOS will work around the world, and connects with a new emergency ID feature that enables you to store medical details on your person not just on your phone but first you need to add some contacts to your emergency sos so that your loved ones can know about you status when your out or whatever.

Activity updates

The exercise-based Activity app on watch OS will get an upgrade. The focus is on competition, with a feature called Activity Sharing. If you swipe to the right of your activity ring, it’ll show your family and friends details, too, so you can compare and compete. Send your heart rate to one of your mates, or send a message with running details attached, to show of your kickass workout.


Breathe is a new app to help you calm down after a stressful day, giving you breathing exercises to help you relax. You can set up notifications to remind you to use the app, and you have the choice of doing workouts from one to five minutes long. You can even do them with your eyes closed just switch on haptic feedback and the buzzes will tell you when to breathe in and out.


Scribble enables you to write a single letter on your watch at a time, which will then build into a word. This will work in a number of different languages, too – you could even scribble in Chinese. It’ll be quicker than ever to switch your watch face it’ll take just a single swipe. You can even add elements such as the weather on top of your photo watch faces.

Other New Features

How you receive and respond to messages may also change. The new software includes prominent shortcuts for accessing voice messages, as well as emojis to make it quicker to reply. Your smart replies sit just below the message you’re reading.