Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 One more Bezel-less Phone on Affordable Price

This is a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 you see the thing about the original Xiaomi Mi Mix was as beautiful and awesome as it showed up on video i don’t know if that really directly translated to sales I mean at the end of the day this is still a pretty huge bulky phone. Every single change that Xiaomi made in the Mi Mix 2 is to make this a more approachable sequel to the phone that made such an impact for them last year.

Design and Display

The Mi Mix 2 is smaller so it’s rocking a 6 inch OLED display but of course keeping the signature tiny front and side bezels so it’s a huge display about the same size as the new iPhone we’re about to see you know 5.8 to 6 inches but of course in a footprint that’s way smaller and easier to grip even with one hand and the 6 inch display even though it sounds big for a phone it’s in that tall and narrow 2:1 aspect ratio so it’s gonna be easier to reach the size in the corners than your typical 6 inch screen not all 6 inch displays are created equal a lot of people forget that the body is now ceramic on the back and aluminium on the sides so it’s still that super shiny fingerprint slippery finish but is also a bit heavier than normal phones which is because of ceramic But really all the placement of everything the buttons the ports the speaker is all the same because the body is smaller so that just means everything is easier to reach the only difference is just that got rid of the headphone jack this year.

Earpiece Speaker

In the original phone there was not any earpiece. The piezoelectric speaker at the top of the old phone that had to vibrate the whole front of the device to make sound now that is replaced by an actual real front facing speaker and earpiece up at the top of the phone.


The selfie camera is still at the bottom in the small chin but they coated the glass in a slightly more polarized shaded way so it kind of it’s darker and it sort of blends into the front of the phone more and it’s harder to see it’s a nice touch that adds to the seamless feel of the phone and doesn’t seem to have any impact on the cameras performance and they did upgrade the camera on the back so it’s now a 12 megapixel Sony AMX 386 sensor with optical image stabilization an F 2.0 aperture and still inside that gold ring in the middle of the back of the phone so no dual cameras on the back.

Fingerprint sensor

The fingerprint reader on the back is also now even faster like it’s super fast at which is confidence-inspiring and it is on ideal location for one-handed use since the phone smaller and it’s still in the middle of the back


Inside we got a snapdragon 835 processor 6 GB of RAM up to 256 GB of storage and a 3400 milliamp hour battery so with all that refresh in the hardware which is pretty impressive it basically comes down to the new software on top of Android.

Split Screen App

Now has a split-screen multitasking mode so this is something almost every phone now has except the iPhone where you can do two apps open at once that’s been added and it’s pretty simple to use and works well so you can really take advantage of the big screen.

Priced not more thanĀ